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We use technology to develop enterprise solutions that integrate your business data, automate business processes, increase collaboration and improve efficiency to deliver real value for your organisation. Develop enterprise solutions that integrate your business data, automate business processes, increase collaboration and improve.

How we built an ERP that handles transactions of $4M every year

Acme Inc came to us with a challenging project that involved multiple stakeholders and thousands of employees.

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How we redesigned a telecom billing solution to improve conversions by 2%

Airtel's billing solution is used by their 250M customer base about twice a week. Our redesign was to reduce cart abandonment.

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How we re-imagined a college applicant system to scale to 10x volume

SGR Group of Insitutions opened four new campuses last year with massive digital marketing campaigns. They needed a system that could keep up with their growth.

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About us

We are a team of handpicked developers and designers with an eye for building amazing products. We have offices in India and Australia.

In the past, we've worked with startups from Silicon Valley, YC funded startups, founders who've sold their startups for $100M+, with directors at Fortune 500 companies and other talented individuals.

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